[A.] Sevek

Such is the case of Sevek (1918-1994). Student of the Art Academy of Vienna, he worked then with the Austrian branch of the Metro Goldwin Meyer, and posters of propaganda for the British Army. After the war, we find him in Paris , where he mix with the existentialist circles. Eager to leave the capital, he goes to Eze trough Francis Blanche in 1947.The charm of Eze and the influence of Pierre Boulez’s music will lead him, step by step, to give up with the figurative art for the abstract one, attaching a growing importance to the instant, with the temporality of the keys and its breaks, its rythm.


Born in 1918 in Poland, Sevek used to see the famous people of the years 50, Jean Paul Sartre, Juliette Greco and… Francis Blanche
His wife will tell you how the artist became an abstract artist..


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One Response to “[A.] Sevek”

  1. Lenore Thompson Says:

    I have a poster by Sevek. It pictures a surrendering Nazi, with Arabic lettering and an X over the swastika.

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